Virtual PC for VSTS and TFS on MSDN Subscription Download site

Wow ... that's a long blog title, but it sums up this post nicely! :)

There is a VPC (Virtual PC) available from the MSDN Subscriptions download area.  Just do a search for “VPC” and you will find “Visual Studio 2005 Team System VPC - Part 1 of 2 (English) ” and “Visual Studio 2005 Team System VPC - Part 2 of 2 (English) ”. 

 If you have an MSDN Subscription, which many of the people I deal with do, then go grab this VPC!  You don't have to worry about installation or configuration, just fire it up and go.   Do a demo to your team, do a demo to your collegues at a Brown Bag session for your Internal Technical Community (ITC or as David Lemphers puts it ...  I[Tee][Cees]).

Download it.  There's a scripted walkthrough demo that comes with it... just follow the bouncing ball and you'll look like an expert to your mates! :)

Tell me how you go.