Week off, iRiver Clix, and HDD Recorder

Well ... I'm back from my week off.  While I was away I got a year older, gained a lawn mower, iRiver Clix, and a Panasonic HDD Recorder.  Awesome week!

 I also did a heap of tourist stuff in Canberra!  My parents were visiting so we spent the whole week doing tourist stuff that I had never even done myself.  Crazy how you don't see your own town properly until YOU are showing the tourists around!

So... I now have my very own iRiver Clix.  I bought my Dad one and liked it so much that I chose one for MY birthday present. :)

Dad's iRiver had a heap of trouble straight out of the box.  It gave a whole bunch of errors like "USB device not recognized", "USB Device cannot start", ... etc.    It turns out that many people on forums have experienced the same problems.  I really wasn't happy because I liked the device SO much and didn't want to be forced into choosing something different.  So, I took it back to JB HiFi and the guy there was REALLY helpful.  We exchanged it for another one and rushed home to try it out.  It worked straight away! :)  

I was a bit nervous when I opened the box of MY iRiver but I was soon smiling after I plugged it into my machine and saw it recognise and install the device straight away.

Had a brilliant week.