What to blog??

I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog. Like everyone else in the world I can’t blog about confidential information I’m privy to from my employer and/or clients. The problem is that THIS content makes up about 90% of what I know about and deal with on a day to day basis. That leaves things that are too personal or too opinionated to publish publicly. I also want to avoid just blogging the bloggers…. Although this may be perfectly valid content for some of the people who read my blog, because apparently they don’t really read blogs. I’m special. Thanks guys! J

The amount of interesting info I come across each day is usually pretty big. So perhaps I can just focus on something which I alluded to in my first blog post. Perhaps I’ll just record some nuggets of information I find which I will probably like to refer to later…. like my second and third blog posts. This appears to be popular amongst my tiny crowd of readers. If only they’d leave more comments so I “look” popular! J  (Adam … Jo… )

I’m not doing a lot at the moment with work. So, I imagine my pool of bloggable content will get larger once I get busier out on-site. The evangelist guys are just blogging machines and there is no way I’ll reach the same level of output as Frank Arrigo or David Lemphers … but hopefully the quality will be just as good (to my tiny crowd of readers). J