Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – DNSSEC, Chkdsk, Constrained Delegation


My 30 day quest has come to an end.  I have been studying Windows Server 2012 now for 30 nights strait.  I can safely say I have a much better understanding on what is in this new release.  I covered all of the major topics, but I cannot say I covered everything that is new in the product.   It’s time for me to take a break from studying and spend some time with my family (and Halo 4 just released!).

For my last night, I have a view random topic I want to cover.

With all the new features in 2012 you are going to have to learn about constrained delegation.  I know constrained delegation is going to byte most of us.  So if you are doing multiple hop remote delegation and it is not working, review the section on Constrained delegation.  Chkdsk now only takes seconds to run.  And DNSSEC does some cool signing of stuff.

Here are the links I used to learn these topics:

Overview of DNSSEC

Constrained delegation is now supported across domains and forest

NTFS Health and Chkdsk

I hope you enjoy learning Windows Sever 2012 as much as I did. 



PS.   If you would like to learn “What’s new in Exchange 2013” my friend and colleague Sachin Shah is doing a similar blog series.  You can find his blog below: