Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Group Policy

Tonight starts week 2 of my quest! Bruce again! With the release Windows Server 2012 we all have to start learning the new features of the product. This night I am studying Group Policy. Below I highlighted what is new in Group Policy and listed some resources to bring you to speed at the same time.

Fast Startup - Fast Startup decreases the time it takes to shut down and start a computer by causing the computer to enter a hibernate state instead of performing a full shutdown.

Understand the Effect of Fast Logon Optimization and Fast Startup on Group Policy

Group Policy Infrastructure Status – Built in now you can find out the status of the AD and Sysvol replication as it relates to Group Policy Object

Check Group Policy Infrastructure Status

Remote Group Policy Updates – With powershell or GPMC you can remotely run gpupdate on a computer

Force a Remote Group Policy Refresh (GPUpdate)

Improved Group Policy PowerShell support – We now have a cmdlet to do gpupdate called Invoke-GPUpdate

Group Policy Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

Improved Group Policy Results Reporting – We can now see if a slow link or fast link is detected, block inheritance is set, and if loopback is enabled

Group Policy Client service idle state - Group Policy processes now act as a scheduled task instead of an continuous running service

Local Group Policy support for Windows RT – We can management Windows RT with GPO.



Resources to use to study

What's New in Group Policy

Group Policy Overview

Group Policy Settings Reference Spreadsheet