Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Hyper-V Features

Night 26 and I’m still studying. Tonight I am looking at Hyper-V Features that have not already covered. Microsoft has really packed a lot of new features into Hyper-V. Just look below at what has been added:

  • Automation - PowerShell includes more than 160 cmdlets to manage Hyper-V
  • Offloaded Data Transfer - provide near-instantaneous copying of large amounts of data
  • Resource Metering – Provides us with a way to track usage to implement advanced billing strategies
  • Support for Large Sector Disks – Support for 4096-byte sectors drive (4KB)
  • Virtual Fibre Channel – Allow us to connect to Fibre Channel storage from within a virtual machine
  • Virtual Hard Disk Format - much larger storage capacity - 64TB,
  • Virtual Switch - a layer 2 virtual network switch
  • Simplified Import - new Import wizard that provides a simpler, improved way to import or copy virtual machines

These are the link I used to study about Hyper-V Features”

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