Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – IP Address Management (IPAM)

Hi, its Bruce again, Day 19 - Wow so much to learn! Tonight I am learning IP Address Management (IPAM). IPAM is a new feature that allows us to manage DHCP and DNS servers centrally. Here are some facts I learned about IPAM

  • IPAM provides centralized configuration and update of MS DHCP/DNS servers
  • Automatic discovery of DC, DHCP and DNS servers, and dynamic IP addresses in use
  • Organize, assign, monitor and manage static and dynamic IPv4/v6 addresses
  • Track and audit changes and provide real-time view of status
  • Monitor DNS zone health
  • The ability to Manage DHCP scopes properties on multiple scopes at the same time
  • Find and replace DHCP properties values on multiple scopes at the same time
  • Integration with ADDS
  • IPAM has PowerShell interfaces
  • SCVMM Integration

Below are some links to help you learn about this great new feature!

What's new in IPAM

IPAM in Windows Server 2012 is a new built-in framework for discovering, monitoring, auditing, and managing the IP address space used on a corporate network. IPAM provides for administration and monitoring of servers running Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Domain Name Service (DNS). For more information, see IP Address Management (IPAM) Overview

IP Address Management (IPAM) Overview

Step-by-Step: Configure IPAM to Manage Your IP Address Space

Windows Server 2012 IP Address Management (Video)

Managing Your Network Infrastructure with IP Address Management (IPAM) (Hands on lab)