Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 - Storage Spaces

Hi, it is Bruce here.  Tonight I spent hours getting my new test box up and running.  It’s running with 2012, Hyper V and now has 12 VM running on it.  Now it is time to take a break and look into Store Spaces. 

It took me a little while to understand where Microsoft was going with this.  Then I saw the light!  This technology allows us to use industry standard commodity storage to provide resiliency,  scalable, continuously available storage at lower price-points.  Below are some resources to help you study up on the topic.

Storage Spaces Overview

Storage Spaces in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 enables cost-effective, optimally used, highly available, scalable, and flexible storage solutions for business-critical (virtual or physical) deployments. Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 deliver sophisticated storage virtualization capabilities, which empower customers to use industry-standard storage for single computer and scalable multinode deployments. It is appropriate for a wide range of customers, from consumers using Windows 8 for personal storage, to enterprise and cloud hosting companies using Windows Server 2012 for highly available storage that can cost-effectively grow with demand.

WS2012 File System Enhancements: ReFS and Storage SpacesWS2012 File System Enhancements: ReFS and Storage Spaces

Storage Spaces Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Understand and Troubleshoot Storage Spaces in Windows Server "8" Beta

Deploy and Manage Storage Spaces with PowerShell