Revised labs for Windows Azure Dev Camps - Executed and Tested with the Latest Software Tools and SDKs


I have gone through all the labs for the Windows Azure dev camps with a fine tooth comb. My system is completely up to date with the latest copy of Visual Studio, Windows 8, and the Windows Azure SDK. Microsoft is moving at a rapid pace these days so getting the latest 'revised and updated' labs is important. The labs presented below reflect the latest changes made to the Windows Azure portal, so confusion and disorientation is kept to a minimum.

I ran:

  • Windows 8

  • Visual Studio 2012 and 2013

  • Windows Azure SDK

  • and download a few things along the way in these labs

Lab 1 - Introduction to Virtual Machines

Learn how to set up to know the web cluster backed by a third virtual machine running SQL Server. This is a highly practical example of how to run an MVC app at scale in the cloud. You will also learn about setting up load balances, setting up SQL Server from scratch, opening up firewalls and ports on the virtual machines.

Lab 2 - Platform as a Service

I believe this lab represents the future of application development for the cloud, with the developer doesn't think about individuals virtual machines, logging in and configuring them. Instead the developer focuses on the application, and publishes that application to one or more instances of the cloud service.

This lab provides to a lot of interesting lessons. First, it creates a web application that allows users to upload images. From there, a background process is employed to be able to take that image and make a thumbnail out of it. Along the way you learn about Windows Azure storage. Specifically, you learn about tables, blobs, and queues. At the end you will understand the difference between web roles and worker roles.

Lab 3 - Introduction to Windows Active Directory

Implementing single sign-on is not trivial. This lab will take you through all the steps necessary to add single sign-on to a web application, in this case, an MVC web application. Single sign-on is an important technology for companies that want to streamline the workflow through federated identity systems, such as in supply chain scenarios. why force a user to provide his credentials multiple times while accomplishing a task.

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