Unsupported data sources types detected

Sometimes, when creating a Power Query data source on Power Bi, we get the message below after validating the connection string:


First of all, is your data source within the list of supported data sources? Let's check on this link: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Supported-Data-Sources-and-Data-Types-cb69a30a-2225-451f-a9d0-59d24419782e

If so, the problem could be in the Power Query transformation.

Following expressions are not yet supported:

  • #literals
  • Web
  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • Active Directory
  • HDFS
  • Facebook
  • Exchange
  • Current Excel workbook

For literal expressions, we can replace them with a simple variable. For example, if we have the sentence below:

#"My Literal" = Table.RemoveColumns(MyTable,{"PartitionKey", "Timestamp", "AuthKey"})

#"My Literal" must be replaced with a variable as follows:

MyLiteral= Table.RemoveColumns(MyTable,{"PartitionKey", "Timestamp", "AuthKey"})

Regarding the other expressions, they must be removed from the Power Query string in order to have a supported Power Query connection in Power BI.



More Info available here.