Team Foundation Service Updated

Even though TFS is still a preview I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the work that’s been done to migrate what the server product offers to the cloud. Recently there was an update to this service and while not a major overhaul there’s quite a lot packed into it. Instead of me regurgitating all of the new features and capabilities, head on over to the VS+TFS Blog for a complete listing.

That said, I think the best improvement has to be the refined navigation. Yes, the previous incarnation of the navigation worked but it was hard to determine where a feature was located and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who when in “Admin Mode” was scratching their head and thinking “WTF?”

Some of my other favorite additions are TFS alerts and email notifications which I’ve come all to accustom to by using the TFS Power Tools. I’ll also mention that having the ability to pin certain areas (e.g. WIQ, source control locations, build definitions, etc.) to the “Home” screen as tiles is a great way to enhance team collaboration.

Stay tuned for more updates…