Team Foundations Server 2012 Power Tools

If you’ve been using Team Foundation Server (TFS) then you're probably familiar with TFS Power Tools. I mentioned the BETA version of these tools a while back but now the 2012 version of these Power Tools are available and you can download the bits here.

As with every new incarnation of software, this new toolset fixes some bugs and adds a few new features (Storyboard Shapes [command line], Team Explorer Enhancements, etc.). One item to take note of is that the TFS 2012 Power Tools that are Visual Studio (VS) add-ins only work with VS 2012. If you’re still using VS 2010 then use you’ll have to use the TFS 2010 Power Tools. If you need to use both IDE’s you can install these versions side-by-side. I personally use multiple VM’s to eliminate any potential problems.

More information can be had from none other than Brian Harry via his blog as well as the aforementioned link to the tools themselves.