New Role at Microsoft!

Hello All!

I've been a way for a while and haven't posted since the Fall, but it is the new year and I have a good excuse for my absence. I have transitioned to a new role at Microsoft as a Program Manager on the Systems Management Server team. The disappointing news is that I will no longer be in a position to post regarding SQL Server Reporting Services, which I know a number of people enjoyed reading. I will keep all the Reporting Services articles here at the site for those who are interested. Over the years, I have become a faithful user and fan of the reporting technology and am finding many uses for it at my new job. But onward and upward to my new position.

Systems Management Server is a powerful, complex, and feature-rich product. Admittedly, SMS may not be as sexy as Reporting Services on the outside, but it is an awesome product and a great product team. That coupled with the type of work and responsibilities I have in SMS, makes this a really good move for me. I haven't yet decided what will become of my blog. As I dig deeper into SMS as a technology and become more of an expert, I anticipate using this blog for SMS-related material. The product has so much to offer, that I am sure I will not find it difficult to write about a variety of SMS subjects. But until I find my bearings, I'm not sure how often I will be posting in the immediate future.

If you have comments regarding my blog or the Reporting Services articles, feel free to continue to post those and I will route your questions on the appropriate Reporting Services contact.

See you and happy blogging!