Dynamics CRM Claims and IFD Troubleshooting

Hello Everyone-

Here is an interesting series of videos on one of the most interesting deployment topic of CRM 2011. I should say CRM 2011 onwards as we see CRM 2013 follows its predecessor when it comes to making your on-premise CRM available over internet.

These videos would be helpful for anyone interested in gaining troubleshooting skills. Audience could be either a CRM specialist starting with ADFS/Claims or an ADFS specialist starting to interact with CRM application. If you are a tech savvy on Claims based authentication, how CRM uses Claims then you may find it moving slow at times. These recordings are from a CRM 2011 environment but ALL the information, tips and tricks are applicable for CRM 2013 as well because Claims and IFD configuration hasn't changed with CRM 2013.

I had this recorded long back and thought about sharing with wider community but was missed somehow. Today, with help of a friend I have managed to dust, split up in interest specific clippings and sharing with CRM community:)

DNS and client side configurations:



Isolating between CRM/AD FS and checking, troubleshooting AD FS:



SSL Certificates and AD FS:



Validating claims, CRM troubleshooting:



CRM troubleshooting(contd.):



Thank you-

Bhavesh Shastri