Introducing BluetoothLEHelper

We would like to introduce our much awaited BluetoothLEHelper, a new module that provides functionality to enumerate, connect, and interact with Bluetooth LE Peripherals. It is part of our open-source UWP Community Toolkit version 1.5 that enables the developer community to collaborate and contribute new capabilities on top of the SDK.

The BluetoothLEHelper class uses the core engine of our Bluetooth LE Explorer app which allows users to find and interrogate nearby LE devices, read their services, characteristics and write to them. We are almost at the point of open-sourcing the app in its entirety. For more details on how to use the app, check out our Build 2017 videos!

The UWP Community Toolkit Sample App is available on the Windows 10 store. Please download the app and play with the controls to see what they do before jumping into the code!

To learn more about our work in Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE, check out these links: