Applied AI - Using a Bot for Password Reset

Learn AI Team - Rodrigo Souza

The topic today is how to use a bot to optimize processes within a corporate help desk. Lost passwords and Active Directory password resets are still the leading cause of service desk calls. These requests are not only costly, but also drain IT resources that could be better spent on more pressing issues. The situation is even worse when the security policy enforces expiration and there is no Self Service Password Reset process.

Service desks can benefit from Conversational AI, where intelligent agents use natural language understanding to automate user management, creating an user friendly experience and reducing costs. This bot can help with not only frequently asked questions, but password reset, using artificial intelligence  to better understand the problem and to analyze the conversation logs. You can also  create opportunities for new process optimizations: common issues, root causes, sentiment analysis, real time monitoring, speech recognition and so on.

Password reset is a simple procedure which can be converted into a conversational process, minimizing the impact in a service desk team almost instantly. The transition in this case is done by informing users that they can just talk to a bot to get their password reset instead of having to handle with forms or phone calls. But there are challenges, like undocumented methods and bot account privileges, to make it work. This challenges were addressed by, a  Microsoft partner with high expertise in bots and artificial intelligence.

Under the GNU copyleft licensing, free for copying and distributing, they published the password bot code on their GitHub, including all information about the  details. It uses the brand new Bot Framework 4.0 and there are demos on how it works, helping developers to quickly implement a bot for resetting a user password in Azure Active Directory, Office 365, Dynamics 365 or any app published through Azure AD.

Other use cases can be converted with Conversational AI, a 100% seamlessly experience that helps IT staff to be more productive, focused and proactive.

If you want to learn more about how to implement an intelligent bot, using Microsoft AI platform, you can follow the labs of the Learn-AI Bootcamp, created by our team for anyone willing to learn mode about Artificial Intelligence.