BlobShare: Corporate Filesharing with Security and Control

We’ve all done it. We have a file we need to transfer to someone  - but it’s big. Really big. “Big”, in this case, is defined as “bigger than my corporate e-mail will let me send.” So of course we scout around, and find a free file share location. We plop it in, and send a link to the other person. Problem solved!

No, problem created. You see, many of these file-sharing sites have some…interesting…language in their terms. Sure, for a picture of aunt Sally riding that llama on the vacation, who cares if someone else steals it and puts it on an advertisement for a shipping company from Elbonia? But most of these offerings were not designed for a corporation with private or secure information - sometimes your private or secure information.

So what’s a company to do? You have to let people send files - they are just going to work around IT if you don’t - but you need a way to keep it secure, and maintain a chain of custody in some cases. There is a solution.

There’s a free Codeplex project called “BlobShare” that we have for you here. You pull it down, follow the instructions, and deploy it to Windows and SQL Azure. From there, you have a clean, safe, secure, controlled interface to let your folks share files.

There’s a full post on the inner-workings and the design of this code - and it’s just code. You can change it, use your own logo, restrict it further, loosen it up, whatever you like. That’s the point of Platform as a Service - control and ease.