I've been with Microsoft for about a year now. It's an interesting place to work, and I've enjoyed it here. I started with the SQL Server "User Education" team, and I've written documentation for Books Online, whitepapers and other technical outlets. I've been able to do presentations, both internally and externally, and I also attended PASS and TechEd 2007 and worked the booths.

But now it's time for me to move on. No, I'm not leaving Microsoft, I'm switching jobs and groups. Starting on the 10th of August in 2007 I'll be working as a Program Manager in the Management Platform Team.

A Program Manager at Microsoft is an interesting position. It's kind of a combination of a Software Architect, Project Manager and Product Manager. It involves listening to the customers (DBA's Developers, BI people, everyone who buys SQL Server) and developing an idea of what they want. I'll work with the User Experience group, the people that do scientific interviews of customers, and get their data and feedback on the idea. I'll then evangelize that idea, and if it gets accepted, I'll get a team of developers, testers, content developers, marketing and legal contacts and the rest and I'll see the project through to production and support. Then it starts all over. At Microsoft, everything starts with the customer and then gets sold here. So you really do have a voice!

It's an exciting opportunity - and one I'm honored to have won. I'm still maintaining my own DBA skills in a volunteer capacity, because to do this job right I feel I have to "eat our own dogfood". When you're in pain, so am I. 

So you'll see the focus of this blog change. I'll still write about SQL Server and increasingly on PowerShell, but you'll also see posts here about the new job. As usual, I'll keep the personal stuff to a minimum and stick mostly to the technical. Stay tuned!