Help for SQL Server

Sometimes issues pop up with your system. You need a way to find help, quickly. Here’s a few links that might be useful – feel free to post a reply to this post with other sources you might know, from web sources to your favorite consultant.

Note – this list is not exhaustive, and I’m happy to add or edit it if you post a reply. I know a lot of SQL Server professionals, and I don’t want to leave out anyone or commit them to something!

Web Help – Use these links to do a little research on your own

Main Troubleshooting Page:

The main Microsoft page for learning resources is here:

There are lots and lots of great community sites. Here are just a few: (mind your manners in here and you’ll get some help!)

Post a feature request or a bug here: 

Phone Help – Use these Links to get someone to talk with

The main launching page for Microsoft Support is here – they can do most anything over the phone:

On-site Help – Use these links to get someone at your facility

Microsoft consulting services can either help you with a deep problem or help you

Many of the “Most Valuable Professionals” (MVP) for SQL Server either work at support and consulting firms or know people who do. They are a great resource:

Microsoft Partners (Use SQL Server as a search term and use the filter tool for services and your location):

I use the web search of “SQL Server” and “Consulting” to locate other folks. You can add the name of your town (like “Seattle”) to narrow the range: