How I work: Standing Desk Update

<This is a non-technical post, at least mostly>

Back in January I wrote a post on switching to a stand-up desk arrangement. Since then folks have asked me if I stuck with it, how it worked out, and will I go back to sitting down to work. I thought I would post a few thoughts here on what I’ve done and what I’ve learned.

I’m still at the stand-up desk - but not working it quite the same way.

You can see the setup I created in that link above. I didn’t spend a lot of money, and I didn’t have to do that much re-arranging to make it work. The first day was fine - no problems at all. The second day…not so much. My feet and my back hurt. That continued for the first week after I started….

But then things got better. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, I went to a couple of meetings, and I found sitting down for a long time was uncomfortable. But the standing thing wasn’t perfect, so I added a pad to stand on as I mentioned in the post. That made a world of difference. But it still wasn’t perfect, so….

I added a barstool. I had a wooden one first, but just didn’t use it because it didn’t adjust correctly and it wasn’t very comfortable. So I bought this one:


And that’s been WAY better. Now, every hour or so, I sit down. If I get tired, I sit down. If I can’t move around because I’m trapped on a phone call, I sit down. It’s never for more than a few minutes or so, but I do take those breaks.

With one more exception - some days I’m physically tired, like when I’ve hiked on the weekends or something like that. In that case, I take more breaks. I bought some Ethernet-over-power adaptors to run my network out to the yard, and I sit out on the porch swing and work for a while. I need the connected wire since I use VoIP and need a fast connection.

P1030849 P1030851

I’ve also moved my office around a bit, and have a Windows Media PC (that and OneNote are Microsoft’s best-kept secrets) so I can watch Ted Talks, listen to  Windows Media Player Internet Radio, watch the University of Washington when they have Computer Science lessons and so on in the background. In fact, I hooked up my computer’s speakers to the pass-through of that Windows Media Center PC, with it’s good speakers. I have the video camera set up for Lync calls, and I use Mouse Without Borders to move the keyboard and screen on the other PC.


So I’m pretty happy with the setup. I’ve now heard three separate reports on the radio about how sitting is bad for you, so I feel vindicated in the choice. And I think I’ll work this way from now on, if I have the choice.