Learning on the Move

Probably the most interesting reactions I get (and that’s saying a lot) is when I tell people that I teach on a cruise.

“A cruise? Like on a ship, or something? Like, a regular cruise?” Yes, I’ll reply, THAT kind of cruise. At first, people laugh, but then you can see the wheels turn and they ask for details on how that works. I teach while we’re at sea, I say, then we have events as a group and then there’s the usual “cruise” stuff. People get their training, they usually bring their families, and we get to mingle a great deal with each other. It’s a very intimate setting that allows one-on-one interaction, which is great for the teacher and the student.

In fact, I’m doing that in a few weeks – and you can come along – more here: http://sqlcruise.com/. There’s not only this cruise, but another you can find on that site.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S. I spent some time with a nephew that wants to get into Cyber-Security as a career. He got up one morning at 0530 and saw me in the family room watching a course on EdX – and was surprised that I got up that early to read and study. I told him it was my investment – in myself.

The point is that there isn’t one perfect way to learn. I spend a little time each morning before work learning something new – either on the Microsoft Virtual AcademyEdXCoursera, blog posts, bookswebsites and videos. I go to conferences, and yes, I learn on cruises. My recommendation is that you do the same – it’s an investment in you. Read, study, and yes, cruise.

See you on the Lido deck. 🙂