Link List: Becoming a Data Professional

Whenever I present at a conference, I try and make sure to include references to the topics I discuss in the session. That means you either need a lot of handouts, or I need to wait for you to take lots of notes. While note-taking is essential, writing out web links (especially long ones) is not a good use of your time. So I post the references here on my blog, with the tag “Link Lists” and you can simply write down one small URL to get to them all.

This topic deals with the skills needed to become a data professional. I’ll include references here on the role of a data professional, and also some places where you can drill in further for the skills that you need to fill those roles. I’ll try and keep this list updated, and if you have some information on any of these topics, feel free to leave that as a comment below.  This list isn’t meant to be an exhaustive web search of all the technologies and concepts I mentioned, but it does cover the references I cited in the talk.

The Data Professional Roles – The Data Professional - Becoming a DBA – DBA Levels – Certification – SQL Server Development Plan - Learn where you are

Groups and Associations: - The value of professional associations - The Professional Organization for SQL Server - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIG for Knowledge Discovery from data - Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIG for Data Management

Data Technology Futures - “Big Data” is just a fad - Demographic trends and predictions (Click “Tredbank” when you open the link) - Database Landscape Map - Seven Databases in Seven Weeks

Data Science - What is Data Science? - Demystifying Data Science - Setting up a data science laboratory system - Data Design Checklist

Reading Lists - Goodreads Data Science list

Special Interest Groups - LinkedIn Data Science Group - American Statistical Society – The Royal Statistical Society