New Business Metric: DBOM

With all of the travelling, writing, speaking and working I’ve been doing lately, I’ve come across a new trend. My schedule is so fragmented that I communicate primarily through e-mail, and I’ve noticed that I respond to, and hear back from, various people in various tiem increments.

Because of the flights and travel time, I’m almost always 1 day behind on mail – or, a factor of +1 or: Days Behind On Mail (DBOM). But not for everybody…

If my wife or my boss writes me, they get a DBOM multiplier of 0:

0*1 = answer immediately.

If a friend or colleague writes me, they get a DBOM multiplier of 1:

1*1 = 1 Day delay

If a person is asking me to look into an issue, that might get a DBOM multiplier of 2 or 3, and so on.

So what’s your DBOM matrix look like?