PASS Day Two

I really enjoy coming to conferences. It's hard work, but there is just no better place to meet people who use our product that have strong opinions and time to talk about them.

Yesterday was mostly setup and preparation for my presentation today, but last evening we had a "meet and greet" where I got to meet some fantastic database professionals. I sat with Kalen Delaney (author of lots of SQL Server books and proprieter of her own consulting company) and many DBA's and developers from companies around the world. We have over 1600 people registered, so we'll see today how many the total count becomes.

I got my fair share of "how do I" questions, but do you know what the majority of the questions were about? "Why did you do X that way?" It was interesting to me that people wanted things done a certain way, but once they found out why we took the decision to do something the way we did they were satisfied with the answer. I was surprised by that - I thought they would still want things changed, but after the explanation they nodded their heads and sai"OK. I'd still like to see X, but I get it."

Maybe we should start explaining ourselves a little more!