SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Schema Changes History: [DatabaseName]

I'm continuing my series on the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio, and today we’re in the database reports. You can find these reports by starting SQL Server Management Studio and right-clicking a database name. From the menu that appears, click the Standard Reports, and then select the title at the top of this post.

We are finally out of the index reports, and we have moved on to a report that will help you track changes on your server. This report watches for schema changes, and shows you those changes after they are committed. It uses the default trace (more on that here) and watches for Dynamic Data language (DDL) statements such as “Alter” and so on.

The first band in the report groups the information by the object ID:

Column Description
Object Name The parent object name of the change
Type The type of parent object
Created When the parent object was created
Object Name The name of the object that was changed
Type The type of object (table, index, view, etc). that was changed
DDL Operation The type of DDL statement that was used
Time The time that the DDL statement ran
Login Name The server login name of the principal that ran the DDL
User Name The database login of the principal that ran the DDL statement