SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – Service Broker Statistics

I'm continuing my series on the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio. Today I'm covering a report on a feature you might not have used yet – the Service Broker. This feature, which you can read more about here, allows you to set up a messaging system in SQL Server. You’ll often see this kind of architecture in a Service Oriented Architecture, where each server in the landscape provides a “service”, allowing you to effectively make a single, big system out of many servers.

We are still in the server-level reports, which span all the activity on a system. You can find this report by starting SQL Server Management Studio and right-clicking an instance name. From the menu that appears, click the Standard Reports, and then select Service Broker Statistics.

You’re presented with four bands in the report:

Service Broker Statistics The general statistics around Service Broker.
Service Broker Transport Statistics Measurements dealing with the transport of messages back and forth on this system.
Network Connections Network measurements on the transports of messages and conversations in and out of this system.
Forwarded Messages Numbers around the messages that are handled for forwarding by this system.

Each report has two columns: Performance Counter Name and Value. The counter that shows depends on what you have running – and you can find out the meanings and values for each here.

I urge you to read the Books Online entries on Service Broker to understand more about this powerful feature.