SQL Server Management Studio Standard Reports – The Full List

I've completed documenting all of the Standard Reports in SQL Server Management Studio. You can get to them from the tags, but I thought I would post a list of them all here with the links.

I hope that you've been able to put some of this information into use in your organization. A lot of work went into creating and surfacing these reports, and we think they can really help you make your day more productive.

I'd also love to hear if you've created your own reports, and how you're using them. If you're willing, you can post them on CodePlex, and leave a link here.


Node Link  
Server Server Dashboard
Server Configuration Changes History
Server Schema Changes History
Server Scheduler Health
Server Memory Consumption
Server Activity – All Blocking Transactions
Server Activity – All Cursors
Server Activity – Top Cursors
Server Activity – All Sessions
Server Activity – Top Sessions
Server Activity – Dormant Sessions
Server Activity – Top Connections
Server Top Transactions by Age
Server Top Transactions by Blocked Transactions Count
Server Top Transactions by Locks Count
Server Performance – Batch Execution Statistics
Server Performance – Object Execution Statistics
Server Performance – Top Queries by Average CPU Time
Server Performance – Top Queries by Average IO
Server Performance – Top Queries by Total CPU Time
Server Performance – Top Queries by Total IO
Server Server Broker Statistics
Server Transaction Log Shipping Status
Database Disk Usage
Database Disk Usage by Top Tables
Database Disk Usage by Table
Database Disk Usage by Partition
Database Backup and Restore Events
Database All Transactions
Database All Blocking Transactions
Database Top Transactions by Age
Database Top Transactions by Blocked Transactions Count
Database Top Transactions by Locks Count
Database Resource Locking Statistics by Object
Database Object Execution Statistics
Database Database Consistency History
Database Index Usage Statistics
Database Index Physical Statistics
Database Schema Changes History
Database User Statistics
Database Active Full-Text Catalogs
Logins Login Statistics
Logins Login Failures
Logins Resource Locking Statistics by Logins
Management Tasks
Management Number of Errors
Notification Services General
SQL Server Agent Job Steps Execution History
SQL Server Agent Top Jobs