The Importance of Connections

Since I didn't blog about anything very technical in my last entry, I thought I would post a little something about what we're hearing about the "Connection" dialogs. We have quite a few places in Management Studio that we pop up a place for you to connect to a Database Engine, Reporting Server or analysis services server, as well as Integration Services and the compact editions. We do provide quite a few options to connect to these platforms on an "Advanced" tab, and some applications such as reporting services and analysis services wrap that even further with wizards and more options.

The reason this comes up is that Analysis Services has a different way of handling options than the Database Engine does. In the Engine, we have something called "Trace Flags" that you set during the startup of the service, that are really different options that are enabled when the it starts. AS doesn't do that, instead relying on the connection strings for what you want to see and do. So we need to provide a method for that. You have it in code already, but we want to do something more.

What challenges have you faced with the connection dialogs? I can't change them completely at this stage of the game, but I'd like to hear your thoughts about it while I "have the patient open", so to speak.