Windows Azure Learning Plan - SQL Azure

This is one in a series of posts on a Windows Azure Learning Plan. You can find the main post here. This one deals with SQL Azure.


There are a series of videos here you can use for a complete overview:


Overview and Training

Overview and general  information about SQL Azure - what it is, how it works, and where you can learn more.

Content Index

General Guidelines and Limitations

General SQL Azure Information

Samples and Learning

Sources for online and other SQL Azure Training

Free Online Training

60-minute Overview (webcast)


SQL Azure Internals and Architectures for Scale Out and other use-cases.

SQL Azure Architecture

Scale-out Architectures

Sharding (larger DB sizes) 

Federation Concepts


SQL Azure Security Model (video)


Standard Administrative Tasks and Tools

Tools Options

SQL Azure Migration Wizard

Managing Databases and Login Security

General Security for SQL Azure

Backup and Recovery

More Backup and Recovery Options

Syncing Large Databases to SQL Azure


Programming Patterns and Architectures for SQL Azure systems.

How to Build and Manage a Business Database on SQL Azure

Connection Management

Transact-SQL Supported by SQL Azure

SQLCAT Team Papers on SQL Azure