Download MIX09 Sessions and Watch Offline

Download MIX09 Sessions and Watch Offline

personally prefer watching sessions regardless of my Internet connection status, so I decided to download MIX09 sessions and watch offline.

download MIX09 sessions and watch offline

I collected the list of available sessions from MIX 09, and they are easy to download. I personally use Free Download Manager for simultaneous efficient downloads - you can try it yourself. Just select all the text in this post, right click and select “Download Selected with Free Download Manager”.

Note: Full details about the sessions, speakers, as well as user comments and feedbacks can be found at

MIX09-KEY01 - Day One Keynote (Video, Slides)
Bill Buxton, Scott Guthrie

MIX09-KEY02 - Day Two Keynote (Video, Slides)
Deborah Adler, Dean Hachamovitch 

MIX09-01W - Semantic HTML and Unobtrusive JavaScript (Video, Slides)
Nate Koechley

MIX09-02W - Design Fundamentals for Developers (Video, Slides)
Robby Ingebretsen

MIX09-03W - Shio O Totte: Using What You Know (Video, Slides)
Grant Hinkson, Adam Kinney

MIX09-04W - Cascading Stylesheets (Video, Slides)
Molly Holzschlag

MIX09-05W - Developing for Experience with 3 Heads (Video, Slides)
Scott Barnes, Rick Barraza, Jose Fajardo, Michael Wolf

MIX09-06W - Hiking Mt. Avalon (Video, Slides)
Mike Hillberg, Robby Ingebretsen, Jaime Rodriguez

MIX09-B01M - Scaling a Rich Client to Half a Billion Users (Video, Slides)
Steve Zheng

MIX09-B02M - Software Entrepreneurs: Go Big with BizSpark (Video, Slides)
Julien Codorniou

MIX09-B03M - Copyright Laws for Web Designers and Developers (Video, Slides)
Jonathan Zuck

MIX09-B04M - Enhancing Large Windows Media Platforms with Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
Robert Ames, Matt Smith

MIX09-B05M - Exposing Web Content to a Global Audience Using Machine Translation (Video, Slides)
Dr. Neil Roodyn

MIX09-C01F - Sketch Flow: From Concept to Production (Video, Slides)
Celso Gomes, Christian Schormann

MIX09-C02F - Improving UX through Application Lifecycle Management (Video, Slides)
Chris Bernard, Christian Thilmany

MIX09-C03F - Microsoft Expression Web: No Platform Left Behind (Video, Slides)
Steve Guttman, Tyler Simpson

MIX09-C04F - The Future of Microsoft Expression Blend (Video, Slides)
Douglas Olson, Christian Schormann

MIX09-C05F - C# for Designers (Video, Slides)
Fred Gerantabee, Jennifer Smith

MIX09-C06F - Ten Ways to Ensure RIA Failure (Video, Slides)
Anthony Franco

MIX09-C07F - Deep Zoom++ : Build Dynamic Deep Zoom Applications with Open Source (Video, Slides)
Ken Azuma, Allan Li

MIX09-C08F - Using Total Experience Design to Transform the Digital Building (Video, Slides)
Paul Dawson, Daren May

MIX09-C09F - A Website Named Desire (Video, Slides)
Nishant Kothary

MIX09-C10F - Design Prototyping: Bringing Wireframes to Life (Video, Slides)
Dan Harrelson

MIX09-C11F - Escaping Flatland in Application Design: Rich User Experiences (Video, Slides)
Peter Eckert, Jeff McLean

MIX09-C12F - Go Beyond Best Practices: Evolving Next Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century (Video, Slides)
Lou Carbone

MIX09-C13F - Interaction Techniques Using the Wii Remote (and Other HCI Projects) (Video, Slides)
Johnny Lee

MIX09-C14F - Interactive Prototyping with DHTML (Video, Slides)
Bill Scott

MIX09-C15F - Touch and Gesture Computing, What You Haven't Heard (Video, Slides)
Joseph Fletcher

MIX09-C16F - The Way of the Whiteboard: Persuading with Pictures (Video, Slides)
Dan Roam

MIX09-C17F - Web Form Design (Video, Slides)
Luke Wrobleski

MIX09-C18F - Wireframes That Work: Designing (Rich Internet) Applications (Video, Slides)
Aaron Adams

MIX09-C19F - How Razorfish Lights Up Brand with Microsoft SharePoint (Video, Slides)
Tony Jones

MIX09-C20F - State of the Art in Web Site Design on Microsoft SharePoint (Video, Slides)
Chris Auld

MIX09-C21F - User Experience Design Patterns for Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Corrina Black

MIX09-C22F - Creating a Great Experience on Digg with Windows Internet Explorer 8 (Video, Slides)
Joel K. Neubeck

MIX09-C23F - Windows Internet Explorer 8 in the Real World: How Is Internet Explorer 8 Used (Video, Slides)
Paul Cutsinger

MIX09-C24F - Measuring Social Media Marketing (Video, Slides)
Jason Burby, Ryan Turner

MIX09-C26F - Designing the Windows 7 Desktop Experience (Video, Slides)
Stephan Hoefnagels

MIX09-C27M - Creating Interactivity with Microsoft Expression Blend (Video, Slides)
Peter Blois

MIX09-C28M - Integrating Microsoft Expression Blend with Adobe Creative Suite (Video, Slides)
Joanna Mason

MIX09-C29M - Effective Infographics with Interactivity (Video, Slides)
Joshua Allen

MIX09-C30M - User Experience Design for Non-Designers (Video, Slides)
Shawn Konopinsky

MIX09-T01F - A Lap around Microsoft .NET Services (Video, Slides)
Todd Holmquist-Sutherland, John Shewchuk

MIX09-T02F - Simplifying Distributed Access Control with Microsoft .NET Services (Video, Slides)
Justin Smith

MIX09-T03F - Connecting Applications across Networks with Microsoft .NET Services (Video, Slides)
Clemens Vasters

MIX09-T04F - Mesh-Enabled Web Applications (Video, Slides)
Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie

MIX09-T05F - Live Framework and Mesh Services: Live Services for Developers (Video, Slides)
Ori Amiga

MIX09-T06F - What's New in Microsoft SQL Data Services (Video, Slides)
Nigel Ellis

MIX09-T07F - Overview of Windows Azure (Video, Slides)
Manuvir Das

MIX09-T08F - Windows Azure Storage (Video, Slides)
Brad Calder

MIX09-T09F - Building Web Applications with Windows Azure (Video, Slides)
Steve Marx

MIX09-T10F - RESTful Services for the Programmable Web with Windows Communication Foundation (Video, Slides)
Ron Jacobs

MIX09-T11F - Developing RESTful Services and Clients with "M" (Video, Slides)
Douglas Purdy, Chris Sells

MIX09-T12F - Principles of Microsoft Silverlight Animation (Video, Slides)
Jeff Paries

MIX09-T13F - Working across the Client Continuum (Video, Slides)
Laurent Bugnion

MIX09-T14F - What's New in Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Joe Stegman

MIX09-T15F - High-Speed RIA Development with the Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit (Video, Slides)
Shawn Oster

MIX09-T16F - Building Microsoft Silverlight Controls (Video, Slides)
Karen Corby

MIX09-T17F - Deep Dive into Microsoft Silverlight Graphics (Video, Slides)
Seema Ramchandani

MIX09-T18F - Delivering Ads to a Silverlight Media Player Application (Video, Slides)
Nicholas Brookins

MIX09-T19F - Creating Media Content for Microsoft Silverlight Using Microsoft Expression Encoder (Video, Slides)
James Clarke

MIX09-T20F - Using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC to Easily Extend a Web Site into the Mobile Space (Video, Slides)
Jared Eischen, John Stockton

MIX09-T21F - Running PHP on Microsoft Servers and Services (Video, Slides)
Shaun Hirschman, Michael Joffe

MIX09-T22F - Using Dynamic Languages to Develop Microsoft Silverlight Applications (Video, Slides)
John Lam

MIX09-T23F - Choosing between ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC (Video, Slides)
Rachel Appel

MIX09-T24F - The Microsoft Web Sandbox: An Open Source Framework for Developing Secure Standards-Based Web Applications (Video, Slides)
Scott Isaacs

MIX09-T25F - Web Development Using Microsoft Visual Studio: Now and in the Future (Video, Slides)
Jeff King

MIX09-T26F - Love the New Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit for Social Websites (Video, Slides)
Steve Gordon, Keiji Kanazawa

MIX09-T27F - Protecting Online Identities (Video, Slides)
Jorgen Thelin

MIX09-T28F - Standards for Aggregating Activity Feeds and Social Aggregation Services (Video, Slides)
Marc Canter, Monica Keller, Kevin Marks, John McCrea, Dare Obasanjo, Luke Shepard

MIX09-T29F - Adding Microsoft Silverlight to Your Company's Skill Set (Video, Slides)
Noah Gedrich, Ken Martin

MIX09-T30F - Advance Your Design with UX Design Patterns (Video, Slides)
Ambrose Little

MIX09-T31F - Microsoft Xbox "Lips" and "Fable II": Multi Channel Experiences (Video, Slides)
Charles Duncan

MIX09-T32F - Cloud Computing: What's in It for Me? (Video, Slides)
John Keagy

MIX09-T33F - Customized Live Search for Web and Client Applications (Video, Slides)
Alessandro Catorcini

MIX09-T34F - Introducing the Microsoft Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control CTP (Video, Slides)
Chris Pendleton

MIX09-T35F - Building a Rich Social Network Application (Video, Slides)
Miho Heo, Gilbok Lee

MIX09-T36F - Modeling RESTful Data Services: Present and Future (Video, Slides)
Pablo Castro

MIX09-T37F - Extending Your Brand to the Desktop with Windows 7 (Video, Slides)
Yochay Kiriaty

MIX09-T38F - See through the Clouds: Introduction to the Azure Services Platform (Video, Slides)
James Conard

MIX09-T39F - What's New in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 4 (Video, Slides)
Kevin Gjerstad, Mark Wilson-Thomas

MIX09-T40F - Building Amazing Business Centric Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Brad Abrams

MIX09-T41F - .NET RIA Services - Building Data-Driven Applications with Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft ASP.NET (Video, Slides)
Nikhil Kothari

MIX09-T42F - Consuming Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Eugene Osovetsky

MIX09-T43F - Microsoft Silverlight Media End-to-End (Video, Slides)
Alex Zambelli

MIX09-T44F - Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC): Ninja on Fire Black Belt Tips (Video, Slides)
Phil Haack

MIX09-T45F - Building Out of Browser Experiences with Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Mike Harsh

MIX09-T46F - Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 : What's Next? (Video, Slides)
Stephen Walther

MIX09-T47F - Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 Data Access: Patterns for Success with Web Forms (Video, Slides)
David Ebbo

MIX09-T48F - Microsoft ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level (Video, Slides)
Stephen Walther

MIX09-T49F - File|New -> Company: Creating with Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) (Video, Slides)
Scott Hanselman

MIX09-T50F - ASP.NET MVC: America's Next Top Model View Controller Framework (Video, Slides)
Phil Haack

MIX09-T51F - The Microsoft Web Platform: Starring Internet Information Services (IIS) and Your Application (Video, Slides)
Crystal Hoyer, Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec

MIX09-T52F - A Lap around Windows Internet Explorer 8 (Video, Slides)
Giorgio Sardo

MIX09-T53F - Building High Performance Web Applications and Sites (Video, Slides)
John Hrvatin

MIX09-T54F - Securing Web Applications (Video, Slides)
Eric Lawrence

MIX09-T55F - Creating a "Next Generation" E-Commerce Experience (Video, Slides)
Scott Cairney, Jean-Yves Martineau

MIX09-T56F - Delivering Media with Internet Information Services 7 (IIS) Media Services and Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
John Bishop, John Bocharov

MIX09-T57F - Developing and Deploying Applications on Internet Information Services (IIS) (Video, Slides)
Thomas Deml

MIX09-T58F - Build Applications on the Microsoft Platform Using Eclipse, Java, Ruby and PHP! (Video, Slides)
Vijay Rajagopalan

MIX09-T59F - Building Scalable and Available Web Applications with Microsoft Project Code Name "Velocity" (Video, Slides)
Murali Krishnaprasad

MIX09-T60F - Miss March and Other Distractions (Video, Slides)
Scott Stanfield

MIX09-T61F - Windows Mobile 6.5 Overview (Video, Slides)
Loke Uei Tan

MIX09-T62F - There's a Little Scripter in All of Us: Building a Web App for the Masses (Video, Slides)
Rob Conery

MIX09-T63M - Building Data-Driven Scalable AJAX Web Pages (Video, Slides)
Jon Flanders

MIX09-T64M - Caching REST with Windows Communication Foundation (Video, Slides)
Jon Flanders

MIX09-T65M - Building Accessible RIAs in Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
Chris Auld, Reed Shaffner

MIX09-T66M - Building Microsoft Silverlight Applications with Eclipse (Video, Slides)
Shawn Wildermuth

MIX09-T67M - Building an Optimized, Graphics-Intensive Application for Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
Seema Ramchandani

MIX09-T68M - When Errors Happen: Debugging Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
John Papa

MIX09-T69M - Microsoft Silverlight Is Ready for Business (Video, Slides)
Ward Bell

MIX09-T70M - Optimizing Performance for Microsoft Expression Encoder (Video, Slides)
James Clarke

MIX09-T71M - Going Inside Microsoft Silverlight: Exploring the Core CLR (Video, Slides)
Brandon Bray

MIX09-T72M - Making XML Really, Really Easy with Microsoft Visual Basic 9 (Video, Slides)
Alex Turner

MIX09-T73M - What's New for Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Developers in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Video, Slides)
Mark Wilson-Thomas

MIX09-T74M - Protecting Against Internet Service Abuse (Video, Slides)
John Scarrow

MIX09-T75M - Five Killer Scenarios for the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit (Video, Slides)
Chris Parker

MIX09-T76M - Lighting Up Web and Client Applications with Microsoft Live Services (Video, Slides)
Gregory Renard

MIX09-T77M - Oomph: A Microformat Toolkit (Video, Slides)
Tim Aidlin

MIX09-T78M - Offline Network Detection in Microsoft Silverlight 3 (Video, Slides)
Peter Smith

MIX09-T79M - How'd they do it? Real App. Real Code. Two Weeks. Nothing but .NET (Video, Slides)
Scott Hanselman

MIX09-T80M - How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework (Video, Slides)
Pablo Castro

MIX09-T81M - Using the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio to Build Cloud Services (Video, Slides)
Jim Nakashima

MIX09-T82M - Introducing the Microsoft Web Platform (Video, Slides)
Lauren Cooney

MIX09-T83M - Automated User Interface (UI) Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 (Video, Slides)
Brian Keller

MIX09-T84M - A Shot of Windows Live Messenger and a Pint of Microsoft Silverlight (Video, Slides)
Jordan Snyder

MIX09-T85M - Improving Mobile Experiences with the Microsoft Mobile Device Browser File (Video, Slides)
Chris Woods

MIX09-T86M - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Web Developers (Video, Slides)
Thomas Deml

MIX09-T87F - Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF): Sharing Skills and Code (Video, Slides)
Jeff Wilcox

Enjoy watching MIX09 sessions offline!