Part 1 - How to Load Binary Data from AdventureWorks Database into a Power Query Data Model and Publish in Power View Report - Part 1

Hi All,

This is a blog for Self help on Loading images / Pictures (Binary Data) into the Data Model of Power Pivot / Power Query and showing the same in Power View Reports


  • Download and install the latest Power Query Version: 2.15.3722.242 -> Available at

  • Open Power Pivot -> Click Manage

  • Click Home->From Database “SQL Server” – Server “Localhost”

  • SELECT "Write a query that will specify the data to import and Click NEXT -> Type the SQL Statement as “SELECT distinct P.ProductModelID as ID , P.Name as ProductName ,PP.ThumbNailPhoto FROM Production.vProductModelCatalogDescription P inner join Production.ProductPhoto PP on PP.ProductPhotoID = P.ProductPhotoID “

  • Rename the “Query” to “ProductPhotos”

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