Perfect Prescription (OneNote is Really Cool)

I think that you might be surprised how long it takes people within Microsoft to adopt new software. While there are some software that we are "strongly encouraged" to adopt <g>, what applications we use on a day to day basis is generally up to each one of us. I'm usually so busy trying out the latest features of my own product that I don't have time to try out the other stuff that is coming out from around the company.

Take OneNote, for example. Although it has been in Office for two versions, I never gave it a try. My original reluctance was basd on the mistaken assumption that it was primarily for tablet users. After that, I just never had the bandwidth to learn how to use it. So I stuck with Outlook, Word, or Notepad for taking notes. Since Office 2007 was released, several of my team members started calling me a luddite for not giving it a try so I took the dive. And you know what? It's really cool. I'm sure I'm not using half of the features but just the ability to not worry about where to save stuff makes taking notes a lot easier.

So, I'm on my way to TechEd writing the notes for my presentations in OneNote. Even this blog entry was written in OneNote then pasted into Live Writer (which is a very nice tool in itself). Now if domestic flights only had Internet connections...