Project Adjustment Improvements in AX R3 CU8

We have a few more small improvements for Dynamics AX 2012 project accounting coming in R3 CU8 (due out in a few months). This one addresses the usability of the project transaction adjustment process, specifically when adjusting multiple transactions. In R3 and before, the adjustment form let you take a transaction and split it into 2 or more. Once you split it, you could then modify the values in the new transactions before posting. For example, if you had an expense transaction for 150.00 against Project 1, you could split it into 75.00 against Project 1 and a second 75.00 against Project 2. This worked pretty well except for when you needed to adjust more than one transaction at a time. If you had 10 transactions that all needed to be split between the two projects, you would have to update the new transactions on a one by one basis.

For CU8, we have added the ability to specify values for the each of the new transactions that will be created during the splitting process. To illustrate, I have posted 2 hour transactions against Project 0000023 and selected both of them for adjustment.

When I select the two transactions in the top grid and click the Adjust button, you will see that there is a new grid control in the Adjust transactions form used for creating the new transactions.

For each row you add in the grid, a new transaction will be created per transaction initially selected in the Adjustments form. For example, if you select 3 transactions and add 3 lines to the grid, you will get 3 x 3 = 9 new transactions to replace the original 3. Any values not specified in the grid will retain their original values.

In the above example, I would like to split each of the original two transactions into two new ones, one for project 000022-01 (NoCharge) and one for project 000023 (Charge). Since I didn't specify a value for project category in the grid, the new transactions will retain their original category values. When I click the OK button (after checking I have 100% allocated across the rows), I see the results:

As you can see, the original transaction for 10.00 hours was split into two transactions of 5.00 hours each. When I select the second transaction for 12.00 hours in the top grid, I see that it is similarly split into 2 transactions of 6.00 hours each. In both cases, the original category was retained.

On a final note, you will notice that the Adjust transactions form has a new check box labeled Funding source. This will force the system to re-apply the project contract funding rules, including any splits and limits. Previously, the funding rules were only applied if you made a change to the sales price in the newly created transactions. 

As always, feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.