The Question Is No (TechEd Fashion)

It's been hard to blog from TechEd as the wireless network at the show and the network connection in my hotel room have both been extremely spotty. Lots of stuff going on today, including Paul's announcement that Reporting Services will be available in all editions of SQL Server 2005 and Report Builder will be in Standard and Workgroup editions.

Anyway, the main controversy at TechEd seems to be around my bringing 4 pairs of shoes to the show. Apparently, some people think that 4 pairs of shoes is excessive (they get by with one) while I think it is entirely reasonable. Here are the details:

  • Tennis shoes, for travel and workouts (not that I will actually get my fat ass on the treadmill, but I intend to)
  • Sandals for sitting beside the pool or strolling sunny Orlando (it's like 90 degrees and 100% humidity here)
  • Two pairs of dress shoes, brown and black

While some of you may say that the two pairs of dress shoes is redundant, I'm here for a whole week and I like to have the flexibility of colors. The key point here is that although I readily admit that I am a geek and generally prefer working on computers to things like camping (there is a reason people live in houses, not teepees), I don't think that I have to look like a geek.