an odd fascination with... containers

“Hello, my name is Bruce Williams, and is has been six days since I last bought
a container…”

 Does anyone else ever get that feeling?  I don’t know what it is,
but I just love those container stores.  Plastic bins?  I got a garage full! 
Cases with multitudinous little compartments, filled with various doodads and useful
devices?  Stack ‘em and rack ‘em!  It is an addiction, and not
one that I care to beat.

You’ll rarely find me with vacuum in hand; and I dust only on (strenuous) request
– but give me some bins, and I’ll be a cleaning fiend, organizing, sorting,
labeling, and storing!

Please, let me know!  Am I alone in this perversion, or are there others like

P.S.  My most recent container purchase was at Home Depot (great store!); I got
a couple of clear plastic tubes about six inches long, with rubber caps on both ends
that slip on and off.  I believe they are for holding nails, screws, or other
small construction utensils.  I’m not sure exactly what I will use them
for, but damn, they looked cool!  I’m sure I’ll find something…