I am a HiFi philistine

I will be the first to admit that I have one of the least discriminating musical ears
in existence.  Really; CD, radio, TV, MP3 – they all sound pretty much
the same to me.  You can probably tell that I don’t buy the expensive speakers
at the audio store.

So when I see articles like the one below, I just have to gasp in disbelief and ask
myself: “people actually *pay*
for this stuff?!”

"The OPUS MM speaker cable network pod sits upon a thick plinth machined
of solid acrylic and is supported by four heavy, adjustable, cone-shaped feet. The
massive OPUS MM speaker cable damping and suspension system is an absolute requirement
to transfer the fullest possible range of high-level signals from the most powerful
amplifiers. We discovered just how key these technologies are to OPUS MM when we compared
an early OPUS MM prototype (which was encapsulated like Reference XL) with the first
production model of the large, carbon fiber OPUS MM network pod. The differences in
low-level information retrieval and dynamics were so astonishing that any thoughts
of dressing OPUS networks in a more cost effective package were soundly laid to rest.
" etc etc etc

8ft pair of speaker cables: $29750. Yup, nearly 30 grand for
16 ft of cable.


(Incidently, this was copied from one of our internal public folders here at Microsoft
– thanks Simon Bernstein for the link and comment!)