Indigo PMs soliciting feedback

I noticed on meta-douglasp that some of our
Indigo PMs are soliciting your input on a few issues; please take a look and let them
know what you think!

Serialization Surrogates:  If you are using surrogates
in your application or framework, we want to hear from you.  We are closing off
on the extenstibility design for our new serialization engine and want to make sure
that we are addressing the right range of scenarios.  If you are interested in
helping us nail your scenario, email me at with
any related feature or scenario feedback.”

Distributed Application Programmers:  Steve Swartz and
I are looking to meet with as many ASMX/Remoting/ES/COM+ customers that we can during
PDC (both of us are speaking at the event).  Our goal is to ensure that the layer
we are responsible for in "Indigo" addresses your existing and future requirements. 
If you are interested in meeting with us, please email me at
We are unlikely to have time to meet with everyone that responds, but we will
make certain to gather feedback via email from those customers that we cannot meet