Its a girl!

 Gina and I went to Evergreen Hospital today for our week 20 ultrasound –
you know, the one with legs and arms and toes.  *She*
is quite an active little tyke, rolling around in her comfortable little cubby!  Yes,
that’s right – we are expecting a little baby girl in January.  Seeing
her on the ultrasound, little arms and legs moving around – I can’t wait
for her to be born, so I can hold her!  I know – I’m getting all
emotional now, but I think I’m entitled.  <grin>

Unfortunately, we forgot the blank video tape we were supposed to bring in, so the
only record we have are a couple of blurry printout pictures.  Still, they say
if we want we can go back again later for a “video-only ultrasound”; and
anyway Gina pointed out that we would probably never look at the video anyway.  You
know, she is probably right; she usually is.

Gina and I both like the name “Lucy” – it is our current front-runner,
and I think it rolls trippingly off my tongue; but we still have time to change our
minds if we want to.