Lots of little blog entries, or The Big List?

James Avery recently had a discussion about the format of his blog entries.  He tends to post once a day, and that post contains a list of links or comments that he has presumably accumulated throughout the day.  I don’t like that format, because I tend to do a first pass filter on blog entries (using NewsGator) by looking at the blog entry titles, and his titles are always something like this: “.NET Nightly 107”.  This doesn’t give me enough info to attract my interest, so I don’t read the entry.

The consensus in the comments, however, leans in the other direction – a majority prefers his “Big List” style of blog entry.  I completely respect that.  However, its not clear why this needs to be an either/or situation.  This is the computer age, after all.  Why can’t there be the option to view his blog with the “Big List” entries, but also have the option to subscribe and receive the individual items from the Big List as separate RSS feed elements?