Reality TV? Please, not while I'm eating!

 Seriously, this sounds pretty cool – a news reporter discusses the day’s
news with you, live on TV.  Just sits in his kitchen in a bathrobe, with some
newspapers and a highlighter.  Huh.  Kinda makes me wish I lived in Toronto,

“Bob Hunter is the co-founder of Greenpeace, and he's been a
fixture in Canadian political commentary for years now -- indeed, he's the environmental
reporter on Citytv's 24-hour news-channel.

“On Breakfast Television we get a very different Bob Hunter.
What the network does is send a camera crew to Hunter's home every morning at about
7AM, where he is sat at his kitchen table in his bathrobe, with all the day's newspapers
spread out before him. Hunter's been up long genough to have gone through the Star,
the Goble, the Post -- possibly even the Sun -- and he's marked up the interesting
bits wiht a highlighter.

“When the news-anchor cuts to the remote feed from Hunter's kitchen,
he takes us on a guided tour of the day's news, taking apart and contrasting the reportage
from the different news-organs. This is blogging, plain and simple, but it's on live
television. And it's interesting as hell.”

From BoingBoing