The real reason to get a tablet PC - TextTwist!

My wife recently needed a new laptop, so we splurged and got her a TabletPC.  At first, I have to admit I was somewhat underwhelmed – it was a convertible model, and I noticed that she was always using it in laptop mode, not tablet mode.  However, we recently found the app that justifies the platform:

Text Twist!

This is a word game on the MSN gaming zone site, similar to the word jumble puzzles in the newspaper.  It’s a timed challenge, and you have to come up with a large number of words based on the jumble of six letters.  Let me tell you, it is so much faster and easier to play this game with a pen, rather than a mouse; and don’t even get me started on trying to play with a laptop mousepad!  I can never get all the words with the mousepad, but often get them all with the pen.  We use the machine in tablet mode all the time, now.

I bet there are some lessons that other apps could learn from TextTwist, about how to make a tablet-friendly application.