What else is going on in Iraq?

It seems like all I ever hear about Iraq these days is new attacks, new people killed. 
It is all negative news.  I’m interested in that, but I’m also interested
in the positive, rebuilding, actions taking place in the country.  How come we
never hear any inspirational tales of the new school, or repaired water purification
plant?  I think that would be cool.  (disclaimer: I am, of course, a geek.)

I figured it was maybe my fault, for not looking; and a quick Google search did turn
up some resources on the reconstruction:



These are educational, but I have to admit they are a bit dry to hold my interest
for very long.  I’d really like it if someone would really *sell*
the reconstruction to me.  Show me the cool stuff going on, pop up some good
highlights.  I’d really like some positive news, and not just the negative
stuff.  (Although I guess we know what sells…)

For those interested in some very personal, but certainly not dry, accounts from Iraq,
check out these links: