Deployment Validation Tool - Part 1 of 2

The deployment validation tool is a tool that helps administrators predict, troubleshoot, and validate voice calls with OCS 2007.  In this series we will take a look in depth at the "DVT" short of Deployment Validation Tool.  We will take a look at the two tools that are available with this suite, the auto answering agent which is a web bot and the organizer \ agent tool. 

Let's not w"waste time and jump straight into the first of the two pieces of the DVT suite, the answering agent "web bot". The auto answering agent comes with the orginal install of the tool, means there is nothing extra that you have to find or deploy or find to get the auto anwering agent.  Before I go futher let me tell you what this piece of the tool does.

The auto agent allows the adminstrator to test out voice by deploying an agent into the production enviroment and informs the users in the production enviroment that there is an account available that allows users to call the agent and test out their sound to the web bot.  The web bot is UC enabled user in the production enviroment.  Once the admin informs the users of the web bot users call the web bot and leave a message.  Once the message is left the web bot plays the message back to the end user and now the user can hear the message they left. 

Once the user hears the playback they can determine the quality of what they heard, rather good or bad the user has the chance now to correct what was percieved wrong from the message.  Now you may be asking yourself, what happens if the quality is not as good as the end user wants.  Well, if the quality is not as good as the end user thought was going to occur then it could be for several reasons, such as the following..

1) Headset
2)) Videio Camera
3) Internet connectivity

Now where can I find the DVT?

The DVT answering agent is pretty straight forward to install, however in a later webcast I will talk about the DVT tool and also walk through some configuration settings to be mindful of.  The webcast that I'm referring to can be find at this location

In the next post we will talk about the second piece of the tool and thats the organizer \ agent piece.