DVT Auto Answering Agent - Step by Step (Revised) works with OCS R2

So for those who have seen the blog posting about the DVT (Deployment Validation Wizard) or have seen my webcast about Detecting Audio Quality Issues with OCS 2007, have pinged me about how to deploy it.  More specifically about it appearing "Offline" and how to resolve it. 

 So the below steps are how I setup the DVT Answering Agent, the steps are pretty much step by step. I use two machines in my example and those are DC1 that contains my domain Controller and will act as the machine that will host the AAT.  And  I have my machine OCS-STD will contains my OCS Standard Edition Server.



  1. Create an account for the DVT agent such as OCS_DVT
  2. Confirm that the DVT (the one you just created) account has an email address; (example OCS_DVT@Litwareinc.com)
  3. Enable account for OCS
  4. On DC1 install the client side agent
  5. Run setup of the agent
    1. During install chose account that you created for the agent as below
    2. Agent configuration menu should look like the following:
    3. SIP URI should be OCS_DVT@litwareinc.com (this has to be the same SIP URI that you created above)
    4. Enable Use Default Credentials
    5. Select Manual Configuration
      1. Server URI = FQDN of server example: OCS-STD.Litwareinc.com
      2. Server Port = 5061
      3. Enable TLS
      4. Agent Type = Answering Agent
    1. Go to Services and configure OCS Service account to be DVT account that you created above
      1. Restart service (confirm that the service is running before you close this window)
    1. Log on to communicator as OCS_DVT account; confirm that your presence is marked as (available) then proceed to sign out of communicator
    2. Log onto another MOC as someone else and add DVT to contact list
      1. Should be online.
  6. Log on to Office Communicator anywhere in your network and search for the OCS_DVT account and make a communicator call to it.
  7. Once you hear "Rita" you know that you have completed the setup.