Edge Topologies 1 of 4

This week I will talk about 1 of 4 Edge topologies for OCS 2007. That’s right 1 of 4 topologies that are possible, for those that are familiar with LCS 2005 SP1 this may be a little of a shocker for you, the only thing for me to say is hold on for the ride. So let’s begin…

Before we jump into the topologies, let’s go over some basics first, the edge topology consist of server(s) that sit in the perimeter network that allow external users the ability to talk to internal users without the need for VPN. Some of the features that the Edge roles bring us are IM\Presence, Conferencing, and Audio\Video. So unlike in LCS 2005 SP1 were we had just the Access Proxy (AP) Server, we now have three server roles that sit in the perimeter network. Those servers are the Access Edge, Web Conferencing Edge, and Audio Video (AV) Edge, so now that is out of the way let’s begin talking about the first topology.

The first Edge topology we will look at is the “Consolidated” edge topology; this is where we have a single server in the perimeter network. Now the single server that we have that sits in the perimeter network contains all three roles that we talked about earlier. Those three roles are the Access Edge, Web Conferencing Edge, and AV Edge role. The consolidated edge server will face the internal and external network. We can have two nics in the server, one facing the internal organization towards your standard edition server or director and the external facing side that faces the public internet.

The consolidated edge server is there for the simplest deployments and ease of use to deploy. In the next blog we will talk about the “single-site” edge topology.