Edge Topologies 4 of 4

So I have deviated from this session for quite a while now, not on purpose but for there where other areas that just crossed my mind that I wanted to chat about.  Now back to the last section of the Remote Access Edge Topologies. 

Where we left off was talking about the 3rd topology which was the Scaled - Single Site Topology.  Now lets talk about the 4th topology for the Edge servers; the good thing is you recall the 3rd topology then the 4th topology is almost just like it in the since that now we are concentrating on the remote site besides the main data center.  Now the premise here is that the remote site that is not the datacenter has a permiter network just like the main data center.  For our example we are going to say the Main Data Center is in Chicago and the second data center is in Denver.  Chicago has a pool and a permiter network and Denver has a pool and a perimeter network as well.

 Chicago has a Single - Site Topology which consist of 1 AV Edge and 1 Colloated AE \ WC Edge.  Now comes the 4th Edge Topology setup; Denver has in the perimeter network 2 servers, and they are the WC Edge and the AV Edge.  Notice that we didnt include AE for the Denver location for we can only have a single Geographic location of AE servers.  Meaning one data center can contain the AE roles leveraging a single SRV record.  So that single external SRV record that we would have external users use such as _SIP._TLS.<domain> can not be supported with multiple domain names for a single SRV record and can only go to a single location of edge servers as well,

 Now, I clearly didn't say that you could not have multiple AE Servers in different perimeter networks, but rather haveing them point to the same SRV record is not supported today for OCS 2007.  So the Denver location would have 2 servers in the perimeter network the WC Edge and the AV Edge.  This is not a problem by having a single location for the AE servers for the AE servers are only proxing external SIP traffic and organizing the SIP channel for VOIP calls.  The AE does not do any authentication for the internal director, SE, or Pool will do that. 

The traffic that we pass through the AE is bursty in nature and is not a constant stream such as the media or conferncing from the other roles. So nowt that I have covered the last section of the Edge Topologies we will move on to something else soon that takes a series of post to get the message out there. 

I will be doing a webcast soon on the Edge Server Topologies of OCS, dont know that date as of yet, but tune into the site again and I will be posting a link to all the remaining OCS 2007 webcast that I will be delivering on.