Edge Topologies Part 2 of 4

Today we will briefly discuss of remote access by talking about the “single-site” topology. This topology consist of the three edge roles, but now they are no longer all on the same box, but rather split between two boxes now, let take a look.

The single-site scenario consists of the Access Edge server and the Web Conference Edge Server collocated on the same box as the A\V Edge Server resides on its own box. This scenario is recommended out of the box for you now have the ability to scale in your environment with this deployment.

The single-site scenario sits in the perimeter network, just like the consolidated edge topology. The A\V Edge Server is separated from the other roles for bandwidth purposes and for additional security if needed to be applied to the server for the requirement of the public routable IP address that is needed for remote users being able to make calls through communicator. (We will address that in another blog).

The singe-site scenario is appropriate for topologies with medium to large organizations.