OCS 2007 Resource Kit Tools

A very cool webcast has just been done, its OCS 2007 Resource Kit Tools.  This is level 200 webcast containing information about the tools that OCS 2007 have available from the Resource Kit Tools install.  I have been asked quite a bit about what tools are there and how to use some of them.  This sort of topic would have taken forever to blog about, so I was able to work this into the OCS webcast series. 

I talk about tools such as:

  • RouteHelper
  • Snooper
  • Bulk User Import
  • Database Analyzer
  •  LCSSync

These are just some of the tools that I talk about; in addition to the lecture I give some demos of a few of the tools in action. If you want to tune in the link is where you can get the on demand webcast for later viewing.



Have a good one.