Validation Wizard - Configuration Checker

The deployment validation wizard can really be broken up into three main parts.  Those parts are as follows: Configuration Checker, Connectivity Checker, and the SIP Logon Checker. The one that we will tackle today is the "Configuration Checker".

The Configuration Checker is a checker that can be run from the validation wizard.  Now the interesting part about the configuration checker is it can take less than 5 mins to run and tell you what is and what is not configured in your OCS 2007 enviroment. 

The ideal time to run the configuration checker is through out your deployment process with OCS.  Once you deployed your first server for OCS go ahead and take part of running the validation wizard. So lets say for example you deployed the Standard Edition server; go ahead after setup and run the configuration checker in the validation wizard. 

What this will tell you is what has been configured and what has not been.  The idea is to get use to running the checker and looking at the results. 

Now to reading the results, the important thing I would say is to understand the "red" and "amber" indicators of results.  What I have come across are results that are not actaully saying something is wrong, but rather warning messages.  The messages that are "amber" are basically letting you know that somethings are not configured and this could be done for a reason.

Now the results from the configuration checker that are in "red" indicate more than likely that something is wrong and may not be working.  This is something to address as soon as possible in your configuration.

To gain practice at looking at the results and not being overwhemled I would look at the configuraiton checker results alone and just scroll down and see what it has to offer.

The item that we will take a look at next is my personal favorite the "connectivity checker".