Fix crashed Zune xbox app when using XBOX Companion on Windows Phone

Hi all.

I was playing with my Windows Phone 7.5 and Xbox Companion when suddenly ,after clicking several times on a video on the phone, I was prompted to install zune everytime. The crazy thing was when I went to the XBOX interface and I saw that Zune Video and Zune music was not working when selecting any video on the main menu and I was prompted to install Zune all the time :(.

So I decided to fix it. :)

  1. I went to Console settings -> System Settings 
  2. Then Storage -> Local Hard Drive
  3. I clicked on Games and Apps and looked for Zune (even I click on it and checked that there were some entries corrupted and some old Zune releases)
  4. I clicked on Y button and selected Delete 
  5. I went to any video in the main hub, selected it and I was prompted to install Zune.

Eventually, after those steps the Zune app started to work perfectly.

Thanks. I hope this will help you.

Now, enjoy with Xbox Companion that is an outstanding app for Windows Phone :)

Kind Regards.

Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev. Microsoft Support Engineer for DEV EMEA

PS:Even I had the same issue with Telefónica Imagenio app when clicking on the TV channels tiles. I followed the same steps but I looked for Imagenio.